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                               Recent Whole School Letters


July 2018

 Hot School Meals - Prices.pdfDownload
 New Teachers & Leavers.pdfDownload
 Open Evening Current Y6.pdfDownload
 Open Evening for current Y3,4,5.pdfDownload
 Paper Copies 05072018.pdfDownload
 Support Staff Leavers July 2018.pdfDownload
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June 2018

 Global Goals Day.pdfDownload
 Life Education Bus.pdfDownload
 M&M productions July.pdfDownload
 music date letter.pdfDownload
 Sumdog competition letter.pdfDownload
 Sumdog letter.pdfDownload
 Sun Screen Letter 4.6.18.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Sandbanks Letter Haymoor.pdfDownload
 Yr 6 Performance letter.pdfDownload
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May 2018

 Grief Letter HJS.pdfDownload
 Yr 3 Heath walk.pdfDownload
 Staffing update.pdfDownload
 It's all Greek to me letter Yr5.pdfDownload
 Final residential letter June 2018.pdfDownload
 Heathly picnic.pdfDownload
 Sports day letter.pdfDownload
 IT Letter 06.02.2018.pdfDownload
 SSCT Online Safety Newsletter Summer 2018.pdfDownload
 Haymoor Junior School final OFSTED report 2018.pdfDownload
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April 2018

 Parent Carer letter re FPNs.pdfDownload
 Yr 5 letter come dine with me.pdfDownload
 SATs party .pdfDownload
 Letter to parents - Ofsted.pdfDownload
 Sports club letter summer 1.pdfDownload
 Staff updates.pdfDownload
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March 2018

 Mobile phone letter to parents.pdfDownload
 Royal Wedding Competition 29.3.18.pdfDownload
 Radio times competion entry 29.3.18.pdfDownload
 Staff Changes 28.03.18.docx.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Hatch Pond Letter 27.03.18.pdfDownload
 Email 'Eggcellent Easter egg scenes.pdfDownload
 folk lesson letter march 2018.pdfDownload
 Ukuele Group.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Dragon Performance.pdfDownload
 Marie Curie Letter 2.3.18.pdfDownload
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February 2018

 Dress Up as a Book Character Day.pdfDownload
 Letter Snow & Early Pick Up.pdfDownload
 Letter for Year 6 leavers books.pdfDownload
 Sumdogs Letter 26.2.18.pdfDownload
 New After School Clubs Spring 2018.2 (1) - 26.02.18.pdfDownload
 PTA book donation letter - 26.02.18.pdfDownload
 Fairtrade bake off thank you letter - 22.02.18.pdfDownload
 World Book Week Letter.pdfDownload
 Roman Day visit LETTER Haymoor - 09.02.18.pdfDownload
 Recycling Competition - 09.02.18.pdfDownload
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January 2018

 Whole School letter NSPCC Speak out Stay safe programme.pdfDownload
 Year 6 VE Day - 31.01.18.pdfDownload
 School Watch Alert.pdfDownload
 s2s letter 2018.pdfDownload
 Explore Mystical Creatures and Mythical Tales through music.pdfDownload
 Retirement Letter - 19.01.18.pdfDownload
 Fairtrade Bake Off - 18.01.18.pdfDownload
 Netball Letter Year 5&6 - 19.01.18.pdfDownload
 Class Teacher 5L Mrs Wilmore.pdfDownload
 Star Bakers' cooking Club - 1st Group.pdfDownload
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December 2017

 Evacuation Day for Year 6.pdfDownload
 Star Bakers Cookery Club - 13.12.17.pdfDownload
 Parent Helpers - 13.12.17.pdfDownload
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November 2017

 Letter Farewell Mr Vincent, Welcome to Mrs Hurlstone.docx.pdfDownload
 Fraser Retake Session flyer 2017.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Bethlehem Performance - 20.11.17.pdfDownload
 Winter Wonderland Letter 2.pdfDownload
 TEACH Trust behaviour management policy junior schools 2017.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Winter Wonderland Letter 1.pdfDownload
 PTA Christmas Cracker Pillow Party Letter.pdfDownload
 Year 4 - Ice Trap Survial Day.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Mathematics Letter.docx.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Steel Pan Letter.pdfDownload
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October 2017

 Haymoor Junior School - Diary Dates for parents 30 Oct - 15th Dec.pdfDownload
 Sparks School Letter.pdfDownload
 PTA Design a firework competition.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2017-18.pdfDownload
 Yr 5 Autumn 2 newsletter 17-18.pdfDownload
 Curriculum map Y4 Summer.docx.pdfDownload
 Yr 3 Rocking and Rolling Autum Newsletter 2017-18.pdfDownload
 M&M Producation of Aladdin 7.11.2017.pdfDownload
 Fraser Portraits Haymoor and Ad Astra 17.10.17.pdfDownload
 Stand Up To Cancer.pdfDownload
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September 2017

 Gardening Club Letter Oct 17.pdfDownload
 Student Update Form Letter - Sept 2017.pdfDownload
 Residential letter parents evening Oct 5th - HJS.pdfDownload
 Football club 5 and 6 27.09.17.pdfDownload
 Poole Parents Voice Leaflet.pdfDownload
 AGM Agenda 11.10.17.pdfDownload
 PTA Disco - Yr 345 6 - 02.10.17.pdfDownload
 Harvest letter 22.09.17.pdfDownload
 Parent Evening Online Letter Oct 2017.doc.pdfDownload
 Playground letter.pdfDownload
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June & July 2017

 Letter for London Science Museum 2017.pdfDownload
 Clubs Feedback.pdfDownload
 Meet new teacher Evening 11th July 2017.pdfDownload
 Year 6 End orf Year Details.docx.pdfDownload
 M&M Productions Oliver Twist.pdfDownload
 Disco - Yr 2 345 - 10.07.17 (002).pdfDownload
 Disco - Yr 6 Leavers - 17.07.17.pdfDownload
 Poole Poster RNLI - open day.pdfDownload
 Pop_Up_Worlds___Community_Tour_Pack (3).pdfDownload
 Pop-Up-Worlds poster.pdfDownload
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May 2017

 Haymoor - Diary Dates for parents June 5 - July 21.pdfDownload
 Consultation letter for proposed changes to school day timings at Haymoor Junior school 26May17.pdfDownload
 Letter to Parents, Children arriving at school before 8am.docx.pdfDownload
 Staffing Changes For Sept 2017.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Tag Rugby.pdfDownload
 Teach letter Cargo Project 12.5.17.pdfDownload
 Crazy Cricket Curriculum Newsletter Yr 3 Summer 17.docx.pdfDownload
 Letter for 6 Aside Girls Football Tournament.pdfDownload
 Walk to School Week.pdfDownload
 Letter for Class 3W.pdfDownload
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April 2017

 Yr 5 & 6 Ripper Rugby.pdfDownload
 Odd Sock Day 28.4.17.docx.pdfDownload
 Letter; Mrs Ward 4W.pdfDownload
 Swimming 3W.docx.pdfDownload
 Cross Country.pdfDownload
 Easter Treat Day.pdfDownload
 Yr 6 Revision Letter.pdfDownload
 HJS - Schools Gateway 31.03.17.pdfDownload
 Bikeability Letter 2017.pdfDownload
 Letter for learning buddies maths club.pdfDownload
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March 2017

 BW web Whats On Libraries Apr 2017.pdfDownload
 Yr 6 wonderful me.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Dragon Performance Slip.pdfDownload
 Mill Rythe Letter to accompany Pack.pdfDownload
 Music Competition.pdfDownload
 Yr 3 Miss White leaving.docx.pdfDownload
 Letter Swimming Gala result.pdfDownload
 Copy of yr 4 gala scoring.pdfDownload
 Letter Yr 5 Dragon Performance.pdfDownload
 PTA Easter Disco.pdfDownload
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February 2017

 E Safety 28.02.17 email copy.pdfDownload
 Haymoor PTA Agenda 01-03-17.pdfDownload
 Wildlife about TGH 27.02.17.pdfDownload
 Letter Whole School Yoga Club.pdfDownload
 PAX drop In.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Roman Educational Visit.pdfDownload
 Marie Curie Cancer Care 9.2.2017.pdfDownload
 Extreme Reading Competition.pdfDownload
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