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Parent Questionnaire

What our Parents/Carers said:

I was really impressed with the lockdown learning and don’t feel my child missed out educationally

at all. I was so very grateful they weren't expected to be on zoom calls and found the videos brilliant

and activities easily accessible.


Our daughter has excelled this year and we have been so pleased to have had the support of an

amazing teacher for my child. She has engaged with all the learning and done so well. Thankyou.

Thank you so much Miss Waterhouse and all the staff for all you have done in such difficult

circumstances this last year. I am so grateful to you all.


As an anxious parent I can honestly say I have a high level of trust in the staff at haymoor. My

daughter has a medical condition and I’ve always found it very difficult to leave her. However the

staff always take me seriously and go out of their way to reassure me. My daughter is very happy at

Haymoor and I’m very happy for her to be there.


My son has enjoyed his time at Haymoor and the teaching has been fantastic. He has also received

great help from the pastoral and medical teams. Thank you for all you have done to support my son.

My son is on the SEND register and receives really good support from his teacher. She is always

willing to answer any questions we may have and understands his needs. My son is really enjoying

his time at Haymoor. Thank you for all you do to support him.


The school tries to cater for each child’s social, emotional and educational needs. Listens well to

parents concerns and child’s anxieties.


Thank you for everything you have done this year for the children, it has been very much



The support and dedication of everyone over the pandemic has been absolutely outstanding and my

son loves being at Haymoor. He has grown as a child and has become more confident and enjoys

learning so much, I am super proud of him and we can only thank you all.


As a parent whose child accessed the remote learning during the last lockdown I really appreciated

the schools level of contact. Having a weekly phone call from both my son’s teachers and pastoral

staff (ELSA) offered a lot of reassurance and support. The ability to email in work and receive

feedback was also fantastic.


During the 2nd lockdown the school did amazing and were much better than the secondary school

close by, for helping not just my son but myself when I felt a bit down. Outstanding I thought.


I am really happy with not only the education that our daughter receives but the care, respect and

love that she has had from her teacher and support staff. As a parent it is so reassuring and

important to know that the person caring for your child on a daily basis sees the amazing qualities

that we see in our children. This was very clear from reading the school report. Thank you for making

the last year and a bit a lot more bearable!!!


I have nothing but praise and admiration for all the TEACH staff, they have provided excellent

education and care during what has been the most challenging times for us all. Thank you and well



My son is my third and final child to have attended Haymoor, all three children have excelled at this

school and I have always highly recommended the school to other parents.

My daughter has learnt so much and I am extremely happy with how she is at school. She loves to

learn and keen to take on new challenges. The school is outstanding regarding keeping me up to

date with school activities etc.


Just an amazing school!


It was a difficult year and Haymoor did well - I’m just comparing to the experience we had with other



In what has been an unknown difficult past 2 school years I feel Haymoor has done everything they

can to keep my child's education going, the home learning the first time round when no one knew

what was going on was great and the second time it was absolutely brilliant with the zoom meetings

as well really helped my child feel in touch with her teachers and friends still. I can not imagine the

time and effort put in by all members of staff to get this set up and running smoothly and I will be

forever grateful to all staff at Haymoor for my child to have access to it all during the lockdowns and

on top of that, all the extra learning hours she has been given with the extra 45 mins staying on,

then the half hour in the morning for her times tables.


I can’t thank the staff at this school enough. Since starting at Haymoor, my son has been able to stay

in class and has come on leaps and bounds with his learning.


I have a lot of respect for Miss Waterhouse, I think she is an excellent head teacher and when I have

had any concerns she has been straight on top of it and communication excellent.


I love Haymoor. I really can't thank her teacher enough for helping my daughter x


We think you did amazingly under the circumstances of covid. We love Haymoor!


I was very happy with the remote learning provision and contact made by staff including daily zoom

calls. This made the home schooling process run much easier for us.